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  • Trainshot Kits


    The starter kit is the basic kit of our Trainshot system available for a remarkably affordable price. Suitable not only for experienced shooters but beginners as well. It is designed for personal usage, recommended for handguns and shorter distances. The connection technology is based on Bluetooth but can be upgraded with add-ons from our e-shop.

  • Trainshot Kits


    The shooting range kit is a convenient solution for shooting ranges and regular shooters who want to avoid the time-consuming manual work around their beloved activity. The electronic unit is placed above the extender, a bit further from the target, to avoid damages by being out of the hit zone..

  • Trainshot Kits


    The long-range kit eliminates distances and makes shooting with rifles more convenient. This set-up includes a long-range radio communication module mounted on the unit, a radio bridge connected to your smart device and a protective extender, making it suitable for sniper trainings or hunting challenges.